About me

My name is Juan Pablo Ortiz.

I'm an Engineer who is passionate about software and product design. I've been working all my life for startups –or at least for companies with a startup culture– and I'm heavily opinionated on the subject.

I am currently Head of Engineering at Tend, a young and very promising marketplace for hospitality staffing.

I have been writing intermittently since 2001. Best I've managed is to do it for a couple of years and then quit for a few more.

The first iterations of this blog happened to live in closed communities and thankfully they don't exist anymore because the world doesn't need to know the embarrassing political views of Pablo, the teenager.

After that, I went through several phases including a tech news blog, a linklog, and an opinion blog. I don't believe personal blogs benefit from comments, so I don't have them anymore either.

The best way to reach me is over Email or Twitter. You can also find me on Github and LinkedIn.